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January 15, 2014


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Poul-Henning Kamp

I'll happily propose at toast for John and Tcl!

PS: Tcl also very nearly made it into the FreeBSD kernel.

Mace Moneta

Expect was also a driving extension for TCL, allowing the automation of otherwise interactive command-line applications.

I just wrote a TCL/Expect script the other day to work around a KDE Bluetooth bug, by automating the CLI bluetoothctl utility.

Expect has since made its way into other languages, but many had their first experience with TCL.

David Skoll

Happy 25th! I love Tcl/Tk and have written a couple of large proprietary systems with embedded Tcl/Tk. Also use Tk as the graphical front-end to my "Remind" program.

Bill Duncan

Don't forget the F5/BigIP that uses tcl extensively..


Great post, thanks and happy new year 2014.

Mike Manilone

A new beginning! :-)

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