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June 10, 2010


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Interesting idea.

I think what is required would be for ALL people to move towards the new Tcl/Tk, because let's face it - right now, people will think that Tcl is ancient, outdated and basically dead. Even if this is incorrect, it is the general perception, and changing this requires quite a lot of promotional effort on Tcl/Tk's half (and the language bindings too, of course)


Ttk might be just the thing to save Tk from the scrapheap, but Tcl is another matter.

I've had a casual look at Tcl and find the syntax practically impenetrable. There are so many better languages available than Tcl that it shouldn't even be a question.


I don't know that Tcl syntax is "practically impenetrable" when there are widely-used languages with magic symbols (Perl, Ruby) or no standard for naming functions (PHP), either of which requires constant lookups. I think Tcl's $COMMAND $PARAM1 $PARAM2 ... syntax is actually very clear, even to a beginner, once one understands that each line is a full command.

I am a beginner with Tcl, and honestly, I think Python's syntax is easier to learn and remember, but if one wants to start discarding languages, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, and Rexx should be at the top of the list.


It is not quite dead. For example, the Ruby Installer (rubyinstaller.org) team is aiming to bundle Tcl/Tk with the Ruby distribution for Windows.

They have discovered that the MINGW version of Ruby is the only one that makes sense on Windows since too many important gems cannot be compiled with VS. This is in contradiction with what the www.tkdocs.com/tutorial page tells recommending VS and using an ancient Ruby version as an example.

If fixed, a newer tutorial page may help Tcl/Tk to get yet another bit of awareness.


In my opinion perl is by far more impenetrable. I have to agree with W^L+ that python syntax is more human friendly...sometimes I can just guess the sysntax.

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